Location: Viale Giuseppe Mazzini

In 1956 the Mayor of Teramo, Carino Gambacorta decided to equip the town with a monument in honour of the Fallen Soldiers of the two World Wars, to keep alive the memory of their sacrifice.


The work was commissioned to the already famous sculptor Venanzio Crocetti, who immediately started working on the project sharing his ideas with the administration in charge. However, the monument was definitively completed in 1972 and placed in viale Mazzini, “I Tigli” for the citizens. It was inaugurated with an important ceremony to the presence of the most representative authorities.

The Monument is over 4 metres high and it is made of four sculptures.


Three of them represent: The Fallen in the sea, The Fallen in the sky, The Fallen on the earth. They are long-limbed and vertical with faces that are unnatural and realistic at the same time. The soldiers have been represented while dying under the hand of the enemy. Although these figures are different and distant from one another, they form together a proper mausoleum. They fit perfectly into the surrounding environment that is circular and closed by a low white marble basin tub that has at its centre the fourth figure, maybe the most important as it represents a universal will: the Knight of Peace. A young man with a confident look and beautiful features. The Knight seems to lead us towards the existence of another world.


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