Location: Corso Cerulli, 81

Commissioned by Vincenzo Savini, a personality belonging to one of the city's wealthiest families, a member of parliament since 1924 and soon afterwards Podestà of Teramo, the Porticos that took his name were built in the mid-1920s. The initial idea was to build not only the arcade but also a roof garden in the area located between Largo Melatini and Corso Cerulli. Designed by engineer Alfonso De Albentiis based on a design by Bartolomeo Cichetti, the work was done so expeditiously that it was completed in 1926.

Built in the Renaissance style, it softened and enriched an important glimpse of the city located between the Corso, Palazzo Melatini and the 14th-century Church of St. Francis, now St. Anthony. The Portico, with an overall length of seventy meters, is supported by gryphons on which rise Verona marble columns crowned by styled capitals. A modern work which nevertheless fits harmoniously into the urban and architectural fabric of the city, giving it an image of pleasantness.

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