Location: Via Vittorio Veneto

Casa Catenacci was built around the second half of the 15th century, it later became Casa Corradi until the end of the 19th century and after the death of the last heir of the family, it was named Casa Capuani, from the name of the new owners who had moved from Torricella Sicura to Teramo. Today the building is owned by the Franchi family.

It is located in the district of Santo Spirito and displays a beautiful portico with arches on pillars and an ogive portal made of stone blocks, very similar to that of the episcopal palace.

On the side overlooking via Vittorio Veneto, there is a stone emblem dated 1510 with a very famous motto of the Renaissance “S.A. NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO” meaning that “FREEDOM CAN NOT BE SOLD NOT FOR ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD”. The motto can be interpreted as a proud admonition of the family and, curiously enough, the same motto was adopted by the town of the ancient maritime Republic of Ragusa, Dubrovnik today. The House, thanks to the sensitivity of the Corradi and Gatti families, hosted the Theatre of Teramo until the Teatro Comunale was built in 1869. Unfortunately, the later was demolished in 1959. It was opened at Carnival and the fascinating and famous singer from Bologna, Dorotea Monti, was invited on that occasion.

Teramo had to fight to have a theatre of its own, as it repeatedly clashed with the intransigence of the Borbonic Government.

On the request by Don Pasquale Marozzi 1786, the minister Tanucci answered negatively, writing that “wherever a theatre has been opened there have been disorders”. In a document sent by the prefect to the mayor of the town in February 1926, concerning the works to be completed, there is a clear reference to “the demolition of a ruined portico, horrible to see, still with stables underneath, famous in town under the name “Logge degli Asini”.

The prefect referred to the 14th century portico of Casa Catenacci.


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