Location: Piazza Orsini

The work consists of two lions, modelled based on the quick-setting cement technique. It is divided by a jet of water to symbolize the two local rivers of the city: Tordino and Vezzola. The Bishop’s stands in front of the municipal building, but its entrance is on piazza Martiri della Libertà. It is a quadrangular building that has lost much of its ancient appearance over time. It was Bishop Giovanni Antonio Campano who in 1460 gave us a brief description: separated from the Mother Church “only by a narrow passage”, he wrote, it is “more comfortable than beautiful, it is free and independent on each side. It is shaped like a fortress and faces three directions…”. Today the entrance on piazza Martiri has a pleasant 14th century loggia, while the remains of buffered arches have resurfaced on the left side of the building following restoration in the 2000s. The portico at the back of the Palace that faces piazza Orsini is significant. It is a series of 14th-century ogival arches attributable to Bishop Niccolò degli Arcioni. During that same period, the enlarging of the cathedral and the modification of the façade of the largest shrine were also carried out thanks to him.

Traduzione: classe 3BLL del Liceo linguistico statale Giannina Milli

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