Location: Corso Cerulli, 64

Muzio Muzii was the last descendant of a long-established family from Teramo. This family had played a role in the city government since the 14th century and could count among its ancestors someone having the same name who had written the city's first history in the 16th century. It was Muzio Muzii who gave Teramo this shining example of Liberty style architecture.

Muzii was an eclectic character who was open to the solicitations and suggestions deriving from his travels and the time spent in the cultured circles of show business and, in particular, music. Muzii had married a singer, Camilla Pasini, and had gradually shifted his professional and cultural interest to Rome while maintaining strong ties to his native city.

He was responsible for the construction of one of the most innovative pieces of architecture in the city at the time: the Liberty building (as well as the country villa he had built on the hills of Piano d'Accio outside Teramo), which is a shining example of flower art to this day. It is possible to recognise some traits of the curious and open-minded personality of the person who commissioned its construction in it. It was built in 1908 following a design by Vincenzo Pilotti, an architect whose name would be linked in the same years to various public and private buildings (Cerulli Irelli Building along Corso S. Giorgio main street, the boarding school Lyceum, the Post Office Building) that were built in Teramo.
The external façades are embellished with floral subjects with the figures of Pomona and Flora standing out. This was the work of the Florentine painter Giuseppe Zina. However, the decorations and interiors are the work of the painter from Teramo, Ernesto Aurini.

The modern ashlar work on the ground and upper floors of the building is the work of the artisan, Genoino Michetti from Castellamare Adriatico (now Pescara).
The embossed coat of arms of the Muzii family can be seen on the eastern corner of the building, under the large wooden roofing, which is also decorated.

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