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The Church is in Largo Proconsole along corso Porta Romana. Its origins, together with those of the Pilgrims’ Hospital, are very old, and probably date back to 1200.

During the 17th-18th centuries, the church underwent a total baroque makeover and today nearly nothing of the old medieval building is left.

The brick facade on a stone pebble basement, has a huge central window crowned with a tympanum, with frames and four pilasters with mirrors inside.

The late Baroque travertine portal was realized in 1752 by one of the most outstanding sculptors and architects of the time, Giuseppe Giosaffatti from Ascoli and his son Lazzaro.

The triple tympanum architrave has two side members linked to it by plant motifs and curlicues, while the frame above it has a double Constantinian cross symbolizing the brotherhood that lived into the Church. They also obtained a Papal privilege as they depended on the Holy Spirit Brotherhood of Rome. Finally, the Spirit is represented by a dove with outstretched wings. The facade is split vertically by four framed pilasters, elongated, blind niches, which enliven the structure.

The bell tower is one of the most interesting elements. Its rectangular plan, result of various rearrangements undertaken during the Renaissance, as the spire suggests, is divided by a frame in three floors with arches that are blind in the first two sections; the one of the belfry has small holes for the bells. The structure ends with four small corner towers, with a string course frame sail at their centre, overlooked by a smaller sail.

Inside the church are three naves; in the central one there’s a dome with a lantern, behind the altar an altarpiece dated 1568 representing the Pentecost.

The elliptic dome, visible from the outside, has a decorative group representing the four Cardinal Virtues, the side windows have sumptuously decorated arch frames finished with painted gold. The wonderful organ was made by Vincenzo Paci in1864, it is above the wooden choir supported by corbels.


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